THE ANNUAL GROUP PHOTOGRAPH began on November 11, 1997, at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in a performance/lecture with 1st Year Fine Art Students . Each year since then I have asked participants to pose for a group photograph in a dramatic location (different every year) to explore some aspect of group photography. As an annual event it has become a temporal marker and has attracted a core of faithful attenders as well as newcomers, attracted by a particular venue. The age of participants, to date, ranges from 9 days to 90 years.

 “I am interested in the social dynamics of groups – the ways that we become a group, form loyalties and identify with the group. My invitation to participate is an open one and I am never sure how many people will turn up. Often the events take place in situations that are not ideal for the taking of photographs. But I view the results as documentary material. I am photographing/filming participants but I am also photographing/filming an event. I hope that viewers try and imagine what it was like to be there.” – Ann-Marie LeQuesne